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That said, we are not new to debt recovery and FSB Debt Recovery in association with Debt Guard is a new service channel for FSB members from a well-established group of solicitors’, with over £6 billion of debt under management and over 2,000 group employees. You could say we are experts in our field.

Our new channel is the internet and we have invested heavily in a brand new website and a customer portal that will ensure you remain in control of the cases you load with us.

Our aim is that you should never need to call us as everything can be controlled on-line and that way, our costs remain low and we can pass these savings on to you through our competitive pricing.

Our approach to debt recovery is different to some providers in that we will never ask you to pay a registration fee to use our service. We will not take any percentage of the money we recover for you from an initial free* solicitors’ letter, with the debtor paying you directly and in full. Additional service such as Amicable Collections and Court Action attract a small percentage charge, or clear up-front low cost charges, which you are under no obligation to undertake.

The costs to start the legal recovery process with us are free (*) for FSB Business Essentials members and you can see the difference between the two solicitors’ letters on the following links:

Letter Before Action
Late Payment Demand

When the letter works and your debtor pays you what they owe then that is it, you recovered your money with no additional costs.

Amicable Collections
Make A Court Claim

* First 20 letters per year are free of charge. Additional letters attract a small charge of £2 for a letter before action, or £5 for a late payment demand. All prices exclude VAT.

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