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It costs a small fee to take a debtor to court but it is worth doing in the vast majority of cases, especially as these fees can be recovered. If your claim is successful, fees can be reclaimable from your debtor as part of the claim. Many debtors pay as soon as they receive a claim form from the court as they realise how serious you are about collecting the money they owe.

FSB Business Essential members qualify for a discount against standard Debt Guard costs, applied even to the smallest debts. Members are able to send the first 20 solicitors’ letters to a UK address without charge, to help recover outstanding debts. For persistent non-payers, FSB Business Essentials members qualify for a discount on solicitors’ fees which is applied automatically. The fees (including discount) for each jurisdiction can be found in the links below.

All you need to do to start the ball rolling is sign into your account, select the relevant debt and authorise us to issue a court claim. We’ll do the rest and through our links to the County Court Bulk Centre (in England and Wales) we’re able to access reduced fees on your behalf.

Court Costs & Fees

Here is a breakdown of the fixed court fees and costs in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland:

Costs – England and Wales

Costs – Scotland

Costs – Northern Ireland

We also recover debts through courts in other jurisdictions. Please contact us on 0800 169 1912 to discuss the best options for recovery of your outstanding debt.

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