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If your debt is owed by an individual, including a sole trader, it is classed as a consumer debt. Our range of services to help you recover a consumer debt can be found below. 

For businesses looking to recover a debt from a company or partnership, please refer to our Commercial Debt Recovery page.

From sending a solicitors’ letter, contacting your debtor directly via our Amicable Collections service or commencing a court claim, our comprehensive and compliant approach delivers excellent recovery rates whilst protecting your brand and reputation.

To start the recovery of your outstanding debt, our solicitor’s letter will persuade many debtors to pay:

Letter Before Action (Free*)
Late Payment Demand (Free*) – allowing recovery of interest and charges.

In the event than the letter does not get your debtor to pay (many of course will pay once they get our letter) then the following links explain the next simple steps in our process.

Amicable Collections
Court Claims
Judgment and Enforcement

Remember that you control these next steps and we only take action if you ask us to.

*First 20 letters per year are free of charge for FSB Business Essentials members sending letters to a UK address. Additional letters attract a small charge of £2 for a letter before action, or £5 for a late payment demand. All prices exclude VAT.

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