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Commercial Debt Recovery Services

Solicitors' Letter

The first port of call in the legal recovery process is usually to send your debtor a solicitors’ letter and this is enough to persuade most people into paying pretty quickly. Do this easily on-line today, completely free of charge for letters to a UK address.  You keep all the money you’re owed with an option to recover late payment charges and there is no fee to register.

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Amicable Collections

For cases where a solicitors’ letter is unsuccessful, we can continue recovery activity by calling your customer on your behalf.  For a small percentage charge (9%), our Amicable Collections team aims to recover debts in a timely fashion and without animosity. This often enhances customer relationships, avoiding unnecessary court proceedings.

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Make a Court Claim

Sending a letter does not commit you to any further action but in the event you choose to pursue debtors who ignore our letters you can use our on-line portal to instruct a claim. Because it’s on-line it is open 24/7 to suit you.

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Judgement & Enforcement

Escalated options exist for people who refuse to pay when a court rules against them and they too can be instructed on-line through our easy portal. Again there is no commitment and you remain in control of any further action.

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